Lizard Head Pass

After a bit of scouting, we finally settled on a campsite, as near as I can tell, that was on the watershed divide between the San Miguel and Delores river basins.  We took a site at the back of the camping area.  Quote of the day: “Look mom, there’s a camper that has a smiley face flag on it.”   Made my day.  On the other hand, there was the cop that pretended to hear gunshots over our way so he could go check out the hippy van parked way back in the back.  He seemed surprised to find C knitting and me reading. C’est la vie!  As for the shot with my finger in it, zoom all the way in and you will be able to see the top of the van.  That is how far back we were.  By race day the whole meadow was filled with campers.  They even brought in Porta Pottys.  We got there early enough the TP was still wrapped and the units were still clean.  I choose Porta Potty #3 and found it very satisfying.

Cheers, Mi3ke


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